Welcome to the Unofficial Official SAS/C Compiler Support Page

Patches for the SAS/C 6.5x Development System

6.55 Patch (1M, requires SAS/C 6.50 or 6.51)
6.56 Patch (200k, requires SAS/C 6.55)
6.57 Patch (600k, requires SAS/C 6.56)
6.58 Patch (680k, requires SAS/C 6.57)

To get to the latest release, install the system in this order:
   1) First install the 6.50 product.
   2) Install the 6.55 patch.
   3) Install the 6.56 patch.
   4) Install the 6.57 patch.
   5) Install the 6.58 patch. 

Note: These patches all require the original SAS/C 6.50 diskettes. Also, it is not necessary to install the 6.51 patch that is included with the 6.50 package, but it will not hurt if you do.

Experimental releases.

Experimental C++ compiler (~500k) with template support. Last update was March 4, 1998. Click here for a list of features and limitations of the experimental compiler. You will need SAS/C 6.5x to be able use this version. The goal of this release is to get as much testing out of the portable C++ compiler as possible.

PPC Compiler Beta 22 Now Available

Download the SAS/C PPC Update Patch (beta22). This version includes support for creating PPC HUNK style shared libraries. There are three shared library examples, that all use a slightly different technique. Read the 'manual.txt' file for descriptions and limitations of each form.

This patch requires the SAS/C 6.5x Development System.

Also, portions of this patch require version 45.13 or greater of Phase 5's 'ppc.library'. The latest version can be found here.

Here are some sample PPC programs that I have compiled with this compiler. Note: This version has been re-compiled with Beta 10, and a new (faster) form of CTRL-C checking. You will need V45.5 or later of ppc.library for CTRL-C to work with the ELF executables in this archive.

SAS/C 6.50 is Sold Out!

As of January 31, 1998, SAS Institute is out of stock of the SAS/C 6.50 Amiga Compiler.

The End of an Era

The updates/patches found here are the last that will be made available. There will be no further updates for the Amiga 68k or PPC compiler.